The One About The {Hopefully Not} Upcoming Lucifer Show

June 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

I was not going to write about this. When I first saw it on my newsfeed yesterday, I literally said SON OF A BASILISK. I was pretty shocked that someone thought this was a good idea. But then again, someone decided to add giant talking rocks to the Noah movie and I lost a little bit of faith in humanity.

I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking I’m a hypocrite. Because I like Harry Potter. Because I like shows and movies about vampires. Because I named my kid off of a character from the Harry Potter series. And I will tell you this. I don’t feel convicted for ANY of that. Super religious Christians may judge me for any of the stuff in this paragraph and I don’t care.

What I care about is how unashamedly open everything and everyone is these days about the occult. To tell you the truth, the part in Goblet of Fire where they do the regeneration potion still scares the crap out of me. I don’t even allow scary movies to be watched in my home. Monster High dolls are not even welcome in this house. Glorifying the dead and human hybrids? Yeah, that’s a big fat NOPE.

Not only is this show is portraying that Lucifer is a kind and caring demon, because yes, that is what he is. Lucifer was a fallen angel. They are showing that he cares about your soul. that he cares about people’s lives. That he is here to help but excuse my language but that is such a load of crap. He doesn’t care about anyone and anything. And you may or may not think so, but actually selling your soul to the devil? Is a very real thing.

If you care to discuss anything about this, there’s a box for that.

How do you save money at the grocery store?

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That is the question I get the most on Tumblr {I tried posting it there but it did not allow me to post for some reason. Maybe because of all the links}. And it is always right after I post something about saving money at Whole Foods.

So.. how do I save money? By frequenting websites like Growing Up Natural, The Greenbacks Gal, All Natural Savings, Organic Deals, Hopster, Common Kindness, Mambo Sprouts and since we eat a lot of berries Driscolls. Also, Stonyfield (yogurt brand) has printable coupons if you sign up on their site. If you are interested in tips and other places to get coupons from Food Babe compiled a great list on tips and tricks on eating healthy on a budget.

  • Try to shop on Wednesdays, as those are double-ad days on most stores and honor the sales flyers from the week before and week of.
  • Pay attention to your favorite store’s coupon match-ups. Most stores let you stack one of their store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon. Get acquainted with your store’s coupon policy.
  • Stores like Kroger and Tom Thumb have coupons you can load right into your loyalty card for convenience.
  • Don’t forget about Target’s Cartwheel app (not just for food). You can save even more by using printable Target coupons that you can use WITH a manufacturer’s coupon.
  • Odds are you already subscribe via email to your favorite brands. Sometimes they send out coupons in their newsletter, like Organic Girl.
  • If you’re on facebook, most brands have a coupon tab on their page, like Dream products and So Delicious.
  • Whole Foods, Sprouts Market, and Earth Fare all have their own coupons that you can stack with a manufacturer’s coupon. {Check your store first}
  • If your favorite brands aren’t on facebook or don’t offer coupons on their site, don’t hesitate to send them an email asking (nicely) for them!

I hope this post helps you save money on your next grocery trip!

You’re never too old to learn Spanish!

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As a child, Spanish was all I heard so when my family would ask my daughter a complicated question in Spanish and she has a lost look in her face, I got those looks. You know, the shaking heads and pursing lips and judging me silently because I never taught my daughter Spanish past the counting to twelve in spanish, and some very basic words and honestly, I kicked myself for not teaching her more than saying “Hola.”

So when Educents, a sort of flash-sale site company that has awesome learning deals for basically all your educational and schooling needs, contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing this program, I jumped at the chance because well, Dora the Explorer is kind of banned here.

Since the day it arrived, the CD and DVD have been alternating in the portable dvd player all throughout the house followed by my daughter repeating a few words here and there. I was pretty impressed with how fun Rock n’ Learn makes it for kids to grasp Spanish so easily, but I wasn’t over the moon impressed until two days later when she came into my bedroom in the morning, she smiled at me and said “Buenos dias, mama!”

Rock n Learn touches on all the basics when it comes to spanish-speaking, from counting to telling time and small talk conversation starters, perfect for children who want to learn the language.

One of the things I loved the most about Rock and Learn – Spanish was that it comes with two volume books to follow along and read. Because of that, my daughter is now picking up Spanish words in books. Related? My daughter might start dancing salsa in her sleep.

After my daughter is finished with this program, I might pass it on to my mother, who has taken more English-speaking courses than anyone else in the world and maybe then she’ll be as enthusiastic as my six year old daughter was!

There’s not a single bad thing to say about Rock n Learn – Spanish, other than “Can you please teach me how to dance Salsa?” All joking aside, this really is a great program that will make it fun for your children to learn Spanish, or anything for that matter. Rock n Learn has programs for school-related subjects to learning about the solar system.

If you would like to join Educents, you may click here to get $5 credit to everything on the site. I recommend signing up for their newsletter as they send out what is the latest deal and it might be just what you’re looking for! Educents is for everyone, a teacher or a parent. You’re never too young or too old to learn something new, especially with your children!

Disclaimer: I was sent Rock n Learn – Spanish by Educents to review with my daughter, but I was not compensated to write and post a review about it. Opinions are my own and not paid for.


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I totally forgot this blog existed.


I promise to write more.

God knows I need to, at least to keep the shred of sanity left.


Having two kids is hard hard work.

Things I Want To Accomplish In 2013

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To be fair and honest, I totally copied this entry from my other blog and pasted onto here. You’ll forgice me and read it anyway.

Every year, people make resolutions for the year. Some have surprising will power and actually accomplish most if not all their resolutions. Some only manage to stick it out for a month or so.

Once in high school, I vowed to become a vegetarian after watching a gory video of
how cows were slaughtered. Could not contain the cravings for chicken and went back to my old ways on a month and a half. I did cut down meat from my food by… a LOT and we hardly ever buy meat these days unleas it’s hormone free, pesticide free, grass fed and/or organic.

This year, I have a few goals that I WILL accomplish. Some are silly and ridiculous and some are regarding my health and addressing some personal shit. And some, well some I won’t write down here and keep it in my personal journal.

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Just Dance 4 Review {feat. my 5yo daughter}

November 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. #UbiChamps

When Just Dance 4 was dropped off at my doorstep, I had just picked up my daughter from Kindergarten and it could not have been a better time for it to be dropped off! As soon as my kindergartener came home, she asked for a snack and told me she was bored.

I have an idea…. I told her.

I popped in Just Dance and let her pick out a song. Well, I will let the video show you how much fun {and cool dance moves} she has but I will tell you there is a song for everyone. The difficult level starts at easy and ends at hard. And trust me when I tell you, it is very very hard for me to get three stars on easy.


(Having technical difficulties uploading video on YouTube. Will edit when fixed)

There are a few songs that you can download with Wii Points but even if you don’t you still have some catchy pop songs like One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful, On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez which is probably one of the hardest songs for me, and the oh my god get this song out of my head Call Me Maybe to name a few of the featured songs.

Not only can you just have fun with JD4, there is a Just Sweat mode. After trying it for ten minutes, I already needed a shower. But the fun does not stop there., there’s a lot of stuff that you can unlock, I’m guessing when you get three stars on a song or when you build up your mojo.

After Thanksgiving dinner, we gave it a go to put a stop on the oh my god I want to nap forever after this dinner and it definitely worked. To quote my five-year old daughter “This game is totally rad!”

If you would like to buy Just Dance 4 you can click-through and buy it on Amazon! It makes a great gift for the music lovers and dancers in your life but pretty much perfect for anyone, young and the older crowd!

Neville: A Birth Story

June 12, 2012 § 2 Comments

brand new

brand new

Three weeks late, I know…

Monday the 21st started out like any other day. I got up and went to the restroom to pee… And that’s when I noticed that’s when I started spotting. No big deal, I thought. It’s totally normal at the end of your pregnancy. Didn’t think any of it until I came home after I dropped off the preschooler and having minor discomfort. Ten am rolls around and the contractions are twelve minutes apart.

At eleven after picking up Nattie, I start to panic because OMG I DIDN’T EVEN FINISH PACKING THE DAMN BAGA ND WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO!? And I still had Natalie’s bag to pack. My husband got home at noon and we dropped off Natalie at my aunt’s house and end up staying there for around five hours timing contractions and such.

My husband decides that it’s time to go to the hospital since the contractions are five minutes apart, even though I tell him it’s not time yet. So we make the almost half hour trip only to find out I’m only two cm dilated. They monitor my contractions for two hours and I only dilate ONE SINGLE CM so I was given the option to go home (eat) or stay, so we leave to go get burgers and head to my aunt’s house to wait out the contractions.

Ten pm rolls by and contractions are painful but I’m not in tears yet. The tears don’t come until two am because SON OF A BASILISK these contractions are breaking my bones apart and SHUT THE FRONT DOOR OF MORDOR is this what the Cruciatus Curse feels like? My husband is trying to be uber supportive by giving me back massages and asking me what he can do and all I picture myself doing is strangling him and blaming rage blackouts. The only place that is comfortable at this point is the cold bare floor and clawing my aunt’s cushions, rocking back and forth on my knees and crying my eyes out.

Right after two am is when my husband is losing his mind because he’s probably a mind reader and saw what I was doing to him in my head.

We get to the hospital at 2:40 or something (I’m not entirely sure because I was no longer tweeting) where I’m told that I’m 8cm dilated and if I had waited a bit more, I would probably have had a home birth and twenty minutes later at 3:03, Neville Andrew is born, 6 pounds and 9 ounces of pure cuteness, but not before MY WATER BREAKS AND IT ALL LANDS ON MY POOR HUSBAND’S FACE, HAIR, AND SHIRT.

And then we went from a family of three to a family of four and my heart swelled two times bigger.

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