March 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

I had this great post in my head.

It was right before my daughter asked me play tag with her, chase her around the sofa, tickle her, and scare her. Well, at least I think she likes for me to scare her since when she tells me to hide and I say Boo! she’s like “AHHHH! You scared me so much, mommy!” and then two seconds later, she says “Again! Again! Again!” so of course I do. Anyway, I had this great post but then it sort of got swept away and out of my head because my daughter’s laughter was the only thing in my head. The only thing swimming in my head. And I can’t help but to feel even happier when I hear it.

So since it’s Wednesday? You get a picture. Of the other day in my mom’s backyard. Oh and her outfit? she picked it out herself. Yes, a Kai-lan shirt, with a tutu-ish skirt AND rain boots. It’s what almost four year olds are wearing nowadays, didn’t you know?

Dandelions are her "most favorite flower"

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