Wordless Wednesday: Thankful

April 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today I am thankful that my home is not this tree.

This happened just down my street.




November 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

There are a lot of people/things I am thankful for. Everyday I’m thankful for air in my lungs, that I have a healthy beautiful daughter, and a husband who loves me despite the mess I make in the kitchen attempting to create something new. Share in the comments what YOU are thankful for. List is in no order.

1. Thankful for my daughter. The sunshine of my life. My days were so different before I had her. And she brought life and laughter into our lives. She’s beautiful, healthy, and bright. And she loves Harry Potter.

2. Thankful for friends who are amazing and supportive. Thankful for friendships that have remained strong throughout many years.

3. Thankful for good babysitters. Who are family. And that you trust. Without their help, I’d be loopier. Way Loopier. And Toddler likes new babysitter.

4. Thankful for Heat. Because otherwise I’d be freezing my toes and ears off right now. And even with heat, I still need a shitload of blankets. But I love the cold anyway.

5. Thankful for my iPod. Music is a big part of my everyday life. Just nice to destress and shake your ass cleaning the kitchen or dancing with the broom.

6. Thankful for books. Books just take you to a whole new world. Fantasy. Whatever you want. You can go anywhere once you open that book.

7. Thanful for good movies and hot chocolate. Because that’s what I’d rather be doing than going to the stores for Black Friday. And I can always shop online… Where’s my computer?

What are you thankful for?

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